Let our expert help you setup your business Google Page and Social Media Platforms. This package includes setting up the following for your new or existing business: 

a. Google My Business (Don’t have a business address yet, No problem, we have a solution for that as well. Contact us for Free Consultation: 910-835-1861). 

b. Business Facebook Page (Fan-Page)

c. Twitter Account

d. Google Plus Page

e. YouTube Page

This package include a Mailing Address Service for your business for one month. If you want to continue to use our Mailing address, you will need to extend the service as needed.  

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If yes, let us create a digital business card that you can easy send to clients or have your client scan to become to update their cell phone contact information. With our digital business card, you don’t have to ever worry about carrying bulky business cards to a networking event or on a business trip anymore. Guess what? you can also add our digital business card to your email signature block and the contact page of your business website.






A.  Hourly Meeting Plan: When you need a quick stop to check your email, or make a phone call. Stop in to the biz center anytime. Our hourly rate is affordable.  Take care of business while you enjoy our free Coffee and a reliable WIFI services.

B.  Daily Meeting Plan: Our Pay-As-You-Go plan is convenient for people who need a professional space to attend to the customer during business hours. Those who are interested in using our Daily Meeting Plan are advised to call our center ahead of time to check for space availability. Our Daily Meeting Plan include a Free Coffee for you and your clients, Free WIFI/Wired Internet, and 10 pages of B/W Printing.

C.  Flexible Meeting Plan: Business owners’ can subscribe to use any of our meeting room for a week. Members that subscribed to this services will not have an assigned desk, however, they will be able to use other open meeting desk/spaces. This service includes Free WIFI, Free Beverages and 15 pages of printing/Copy per month. This is a monthly plan service

D.  Business Phone Line: Do you need a business phone line for your new business? If yes, you can get a local number or a 1 800 number assigned to your business at an affordable price.  This service also include free forwarding to the phone number of choice, and voice mail setup.

Phone Line Monthly Fee: $25.00

How it works:

  1. Sign up for our phone number
  2. Make payment with credit card or PayPal
  3. Receive a notification with your assigned phone number
  4. Setup your voicemail or send in a script to our sales department
  5. Provide a good forwarding phone number your business line and voicemail.

Optional Add-on:

  1. Mailing Address Service or Digital Mailing Address Service

E.  Virtual Digital Mailing Address Service

With this service, you do not have to worry about unwanted mail anymore. We will assigned you a professional mailing address in one of our 168 locations across US. When you receive a business mail, your mail will be scan to you to be retrieve via email or phone number. You will select one of the options on what you want us to do with the mail and that it. This include 50 pages of Free mail scan per month. We will charge additional $0.25 per page for mail scan over 50 pages.  

Digital Mailing Address Monthly Fee: $45.00

How it works

  1. Sign up for our digital mailing address service
  2. Make payment online with credit card or PayPal
  3. Download and complete PS Form 1583 and email it to us
  4. Provide us with two forms of Government issued ID
  5. Start receiving your business mail digitally.

Optional Add-on:

  1. Business phone line


F.  Telemarketing Service

Looking to grow your business and don’t know where to turn? Let our trained telemarketer go to work for you. We will assign a dedicated representative to you to call your customer listing for up to 40 hours a week.  The minimum hours that we offer is 10 hours per week. Maximum hours is 40 hours per week. (WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT TAKING ANY NEW CLIENTS FOR THIS SERVICE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

Setup Fee: $250

This is a one-time fee to setup your script, call back voicemail, and train your Telemarketer on your products or services.

Hourly rate: $20.00

How it works:

  1. Sign up for our telemarketing service
  2. Make payment with credit card
  3. Send in your phone script (If available or we can create one for you)
  4. Send us digital copy of your marketing tools and an information paper on your product or services
  5. Send us common Q&A on your product and services

G.  Licensed Notary Services/Signing Agent: We offer notary services to individual and professional clients to include Lawyers and Real Estate Agents.

H.   Faxing Services (Sending and Receiving): Our faxing services are available for U.S. and International customers that want to send a fax to any U.S. phone numbers.

I.  Print/Scan/Copy Services (Up to 250 pages): We make printing your proposal and important business documents easy and affordable through our online printing services. We offer a monthly subscription service for small business that needs a recurring monthly printing service.

J.  Mailing Address Service:  Get a real street address for a professional business image for as low as $25 per month. Mailing address can be use for personal or business mail. We accept packages from all U.S. delivery services to include DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS and other messenger services. For more information about our Mailing Address service… CLICK HERE

K.  Receptionist Answering Services:  With this service you never have to worry about missing any important business calls again. Our receptionists are available to answer your calls, or forward your calls during peak hours. Our receptionist will answer all your incoming calls, take messages, and or forward any incoming calls to your voice-mail, which can be retrieved online or via email later.

How it works:

  1. Sign up for Phone Answering services
  2. Make payment with credit card
  3. We will assign a unique phone number to your company
  4. Forward your existing business line to the new assigned number
  5. Our Receptionist will answer your business phone using your own script and voicemail.

Setup Fees: $199.00

We charge a one-time setup fee to cover the setting up on your phone-line, voicemail, phone script and auto-responder.

Monthly Fee: $95.00

The monthly fee is for our receptionist to answer your incoming calls,  take messages for you, schedule an appointment with your client (If required), retrieved your messages for you and email them to you. Forward your incoming calls to either an outside line or voicemail.  No long-term commitment. Month to Month is allowed.

L.  Business Registration Services: Biz Center will serve as your register agent and help you register your Limited Liability Company in North Carolina. We help military members, civilians and veterans register their new businesses, develop an Operating Agreement for member managed Limited Liability Company, and secure a business Tax ID number. For business registration’s filling fees Contact us at 910-835-1861.

Social Media MarketingN.  Social Media Marketing: We offer social media marketing services for big and small business.

Let us provide you with Daily Fresh Contents to Engage your Business Social Communities. Biz Center offers SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing for big and small business. We understand the challenge of getting your products and services online and to the front of potential customers. We are in business to help big and small businesses keep their customer engaged and coming back for more of their products and services.

We build on your business information to provide you with customize FRESH daily Contents to match your business personality. We will post to the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

What you will get with us:

  1. A dedicated Social Media Marketing Manager
  2. Daily Posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ 6 days a week
  3. Become visible by increasing your online presence and promote your product and service to your potential customers
  4. Increase in online followers
  5. Optimize your business reach; Increase product sales and potential customer calls.
  6. 24 hours Email Supports

We offer the Best price and Competitive Services Online!

Monthly Fees: $95

O.  Craigslist Posting:  Need a low budget marketing approach? Don’t worry! we can post your product or services on Craigslist around the world.  With this service, we will post up to 5 products or services 4 times a week for a full month.

Monthly Fees: $95

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