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Biz Center Virtual Office now offers Mailing Address Services and Digital Mailbox Services to new startups, small businesses, freelancers and anyone needing a mailing address to their home or online business. 

If you need a U.S. address to receive mail and packages for your business? Now you can get a real street address in one of the most influential city in North Carolina. Give your business a prestigious mailing address to receive your mail and Digital Mailbox package for as low as $14.99 per month. Our Mailing address services starts at $25 per month. Both our Mailing Address and Digital Mailbox address can be use for personal or business mail. We accept packages from all U.S. delivery services to include DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS and other messenger services.

With our mailing address services you will get the following:
1. Get instant notification when you receive mail or packages via email or SMS
2. Receive a digital image of your mail/packages in your email.
3. Get a notification via member portal account (Digital Mailbox Client’s only)
4. Call our Receptionist to check if you receive mail at 910-835-1861.

5. Get your mail forwarded to an external address in the U.S or Overseas (Additional shipping/service costs apply).
6. Enjoy our convenient package storage services for future pickup or forwarding (Additional storage fees apply).

HOW TO CHECK FOR MAIL (Local Mailing Address Customers’ Only)
1. Check your email or Phone to see if you receive a mail notification message from the Biz Center.
2. If you did not receive a mail notification and you’re expecting a mail or package, call our Office line during business hours of 9.00am to 6:00pm, M-F, to find out if you have a mail/package.

HOW TO CHECK FOR MAIL (Digital Mailbox Customers Only) 

  1. Check your email or phone to see if you receive a mail notification message from the Biz Center. 
  2. Visit member’s Digital Mailbox Portal or click here to check if you have a mail or package assign to your inbox
  3. If you did not receive a mail notification and you’re expecting a mail or package, click here to email us at the Biz Center.


We can forward your mails to an external address that you provide us for an addition fees and shipping costs. We do not forward packages to an external address. All packages can be pickup at our location during duty hours. We encourage you to call ahead of time to schedule a pickup time for your package. Customer must pickup their package from our office location within 7 days of receipt and notification. A storage fee will be applied on the 8 day if package’s is not picked up by then. Daily storage rate is $5/day. All packages must be pickup in person, with a valid State Issued ID Card.


Global clients are welcome to use our prestigious mailing address service. Our terms and conditions will remain the same for all International clients. International Client can only sign-up for our Digital Mailbox. Click below to get started. 





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